ZM4 4 Spindles Glass straight-line edging machine

Brief Introduction

  • The 4-spindle ZM4 glass edging machine is suitable for processing straight-line edge &
  • 45°arrises of glass sheet with various sizes and thicknessed. Rough grinding, fine
  • grinding of flat edge and rough grinding of arris can be finished at one time. Moreover, the
  • flat glasses, which have the same thickness, can be continuously processed.

Technical parameters

  •  Processing glass thickness: 3-25mm
  •  Angle of arris: 45°
  •  Min.size of glass: 80mm×80mm
  •  Processing speed: 1.0-5.0m/min
  •  Installed power :9.15KW;
  •  Dimension : 5800x1100x1500mm

Wheels position (from input to output or from right to left) :