BRUSILICE ZA STAKLO FP4 FP5 FP6 (Straight line machines)


Straight line edging machine for automatic grinding and polishing of flat edge.

  •  Recycling cooling system.
  •  Polishing wheels controlled by PLC.
  •  Automatic movement of glass from right to left.
  •  Possibility to work out of squared glasses.
  •  Main conveyor transport composed by lubricated chains and guides round and nitred.
  •  The guides’ pads are surfaced by vulcanized rubber and equipped with insulated bearings.
  •  Stainless steel tank for the wheels with frontal access.
  •  The thickness is set by a functional hand-wheel that moves the whole front carriage conveyor and the front edge motor.
  •  Stainless steel refrigerating tank with immersion pump.
  •  Different dimensions of the roller supports (optional).
  •  Adjustable input plane (optional).


FP 4
FP 5
FP 6
N° of wheels 4 5 6
Glass thickness Min.3 - Max.15 Min.3 - Max.20 Min.3 - Max.20
Glass dimension Min.60x60 Min.60x60 Min.60x60
Speed 0-7 m/min 0-7 m/min 0-7 m/min
Dimensions 4800x800x2200h 5000x800x2200h 5300x800x2200h