CNC STOL ZA REZANJE STAKLA SA AUTOMATSKIM UTOVAROM (glass cutting table with automatic glass loader) ROBOTECH


Machine Properties

Fully automatic system, loading, cutting and breaking.

All functions controlled by Liva G-Cut software.

Automatic glass trasfer to breaking table.
Automatic glass square.
100-150 m/min. adjustable cutting speed.
Special material glass carpet.
+0.2, -0.2mm cutting sensitivity.
Perfect Cut optimization program.
Automatic cutting pressure.
Strong, stable mechanical construction.
Perfect air blowing.
Communication with "LIVA" machines
Straight, shaped, liminated glass cutting.
Data transfer via USB or Ethernet.
Remote access.
3-19 mm glass cutting.
Liva control system and control software.
Automatic maintenance warning and change glass diamond period.
"Liva G-CUT" interface rich and fully system control.
User friendly software interface.


Machine Options

Low-e deleting.
Electronical safety barrier.
Suction system.
Shape scan.
Additional glass stock