PUNJAČ PLINA RAPIDLINE (High Performance Gas Filler with Multi-Sensor Control)

Multisensor-controlled rapid gas filling station designed to improve thermal and acoustic properties
of insulating glass units by low-loss high performance gas filling with premixed, technical or noble
gases (e.g. Argon, SF6, Krypton or Xenon) for I.G. manufacture on industrial scale with up to
750 units per shift, depending on pane dimensions

  •     easy start-up and operation, no external calibration needed
  •     application of suction control technique for high performance gas filling
  •     precise gas-sensing proven in more then 1700 installations worldwide
  •     reliable operation down to 1.2 bar (15 psi) input pressure

Function & Design

  • Compact and rugged design  
  • Rapid and easy gas filling technique 
  • One-hole and horizontal gas filling possible as well
  • Automatic gas filling control to minimize gas losses by on-line gas-sensing 
  • Internal sensor gauging and automatic self-test routines, no test gases
  • On-line mbar pressure sensing for high performance gas filling with suction control 
  • 2 independent outputs to reduce cycle time
  • Lifetime-checked components
  • Exchange modules and units always on stock Emergency express service

Technical Data


Flow Rate capacity per output
30 L / min. (Ar)
Number of independent outputs 1 or 2 further outputs on requested
Overall output capacity
60L / min. (Ar)
Height x width x depth, weight 630mm x 600mm x 600mm, 50kg
Power supply
110V/230V ± 10%, 50Hz/60Hz (as requested)
Power input / Stand-by
max. 350VA / 100 VA
Additional customized pptions

on request


Typical Applications

  •     Economic high performance gas filling station
  •     Low-loss rapid gas filling even with expensive gases (e.g. Krypton)
  •     Flexible alternative to a gas filling press at a very low investment