BUTIL EXTRUDER 7KG (Butyl Extruder 7KG)

Machine used to apply the heated butyl glue on the aluminium frame for the production of insulating glass.

  •  The nozzles are put on a header made of normalized steel.
  •  The butyl valve is ground chromium plated, puts on anti scuff material.
  •  The butyl replacement is practical and quickly, about 4 min.
  •  The nozzles can be adjusted from 6 to 30 mm.
  •  The high of the extrusion presses can also be adjusted easily.
  •  Short pieces can be produced without any additional device.
  •  The working temperature is adjustable with electronically thermostat.
  •  Device for shaped pieces.
  •  Anti-overheating system.
  •  Plc controls all the working operations (mod. S).
  •  USB input for the updating resetting of the machine.
  •  Automatic regulation of extruders from 6 to 30 mm (mod. S and SM).

  • Dimensions: 3000x700x1000mm
  • Speed: 36 mt/min.circa
  • Nozzle opening: 6-30mm