PUNJAČ PLINA ECOLINE ( Allround Gas Filler with Gas Sensor Control )

Allround Gas Filler with Gas Sensor Control and Modern Laminar-Flow-Technology 
Sensor-controlled gas filling station designed to improve thermal and acoustic properties
of insulating glass units by low-loss off-line gas filling with premixed, technical or noble gases
(e.g. Argon, SF6, Krypton or Xenon) for I.G. manufacture on a medium scale with up to
450 units per shift, depending on pane dimensions and number of outputs

  •     easy start-up and operation
  •     no external intervention needed für calibration
  •     application of laminar flow technique for ultralow-loss gas filling
  •     precise gas-sensing, proven in more then 1700 installations worldwide
  •     reliable operation down to 1.2 bar (15 psi) input pressure

Function & Design

  • Automatic gas filling control to minimize gas losses by on-line gas-sensing
  • Internal sensor gauging and automatic self-test routines
  • No test gas, no external interference needed for calibration
  • 1, 2 or 4 independent outputs to reduce cycle time
  • Maintenance-free by lifetime-checked components
  • Exchange units always on stock for emergency express service
Technical Data


Flow Rate capacity per output
up to 8L / min. (Ar)
Number of independent outputs 1, 2 or 4
Aditional outputs
on request
Height x Length x Width, Weight 220mm x 260mm/520mm x 480mm, 8 / 16kg
Power supply
230V ± 10%, 50Hz (or as requested)
Power input / Stand-by
max. 62 VA / 25 VA
Further Options
as requested


Typical Applications

  •     Reliable all-purpose gas filling station, suitable even for specialities
  •     Economic ultralow-loss filling of expensive gases (e.g. Krypton, Xenon)
  •     Initial equipment for small and medium sized manufacturers