Machine Properties

  • Low-e glass enabled.
  • 3-10mm glass washing.
  • Left to right working direction.
  • Chain driving conveyor system.
  • Noise isolation in fan and drying cabin.
  • Stainless metal used in interfaced water.
  • Air filter.
  • 25 micron water filter.
  • Automatic close system in drying fan.
  • Adjustable speed control in washing and conveyor system.
  • Manual adjusting glass pairing unit.
  • PLC controlled.
  • Proportional valve controlled press pressure.
  • Double or triple glass pressing.
  • Tilting table at end of the pressing unit.
  • Tempered glass used in machine window.



Machine Options

  • 1500 mm, 1700 mm, 2000 mm, 2200 mm, 2500 mm production.
  • Define working direction.
  • Argon gas filling unit.
  • Double speed in conveyor system.
  • Servo motor for glazing glass.
  • Low-e glass detection.
  • Seperated electrical motor to each brush.